Bran Nue Dai


Bill Mendes da Costa

West Australian artist Bill Mendes da Costa lives in Mullaloo with his wife Imogen. He has two children and five delightful Grandchildren Zara (9) ,Taya. (8), Torielle (5,) Grace (4) and Bethany (1)The charcoal and colour wash drawings are from his latest series.

In these, Bill explores the synergy between black and white images and colour, where colour has no direct relation to the subject but creates luminosity and atmosphere to the overall picture.The canvases are from his exhibition “Blue Paintings & Happiness”.

He also believes that every human being has a spirit, whether they know it or not., so when Bill paints he knows that something of his inner self goes into every picture, it’s not just a photographic image. The biggest thrill for him, as an artist, is when someone ‘connects’ with one of his paintings. An example of this was, at a recent exhibition, a man sat on the floor in front of one of his paintings contemplating on it for at least 15 minutes, he had ‘connected.’

He is also a fan of E H Shepard and A A Milne the original creators of ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and thinks the books are really for adults, not children. He loves the ‘Pooh’ so much that he did a series of his own illustrations, with an Aussie flavour ‘The Quokka Bilby & Wisdom”.

Bill also loves cooking and makes his own Organic Chocolate, which accounts for his ‘stoutness’ exercises, like Pooh, he does them every day., when he remembers, Recent Finalist in National Art competition with over 65 entries Australia wide. One man, exhibition ‘Not Framous Yet’, Mullaloo and,  another ‘Blue Paintings & Happiness’.

All artwork Copyright Bill Mendes da Costa 2024